Thursday, April 18, 2013

De ce ii este unui INFP greu sa lucreze

Am gasit un punct de vedere interesant ca si comentariu la articolul How does an INFP survive a job?

"Work by difiniation is the involvment of using energy to move external objects a distance. It is by nature a extroverted activty, one which many natural introverts, infps etc have much difficulty mastering. It is only natural for infps to conflict with work during the first half of life. It is not necessarily the job itself, but the concept of working in society, managing the exterior which is the problem.

The challenge here is not to equate the job with the persona.,but develop the persona in other ways. Introverted feeling and ex intuition must be utilised often for happiness and natural living. If not in work then in hobbies.

A balance is essential for survival of the physical body in society and soul survial inside via the hobbies, which are equally important for this type of persona development. ie balance mudane work (all jobs will be like this for first half of life, different titles, same packaging) with activities favouring the persona, and the natural functions."

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